Relecura Platform    

Relecura is an IP analytics and knowledge management platform for patents and portfolios using machine learning, semantic analysis, and predictive analytics to create custom solutions.

Relecura Customers
Relecura Products

Relecura Web

  • Global patent coverage with translated and full-text data.
  • Curated metadata with high impact visualization and analytics.
  • Powerful collaboration and portfolio management features.

Mobile App

  • Mobile patent search and analysis with global coverage.
  • Multiple graphing and visualization features.
  • Two-way integration with Relecura Web.

Relecura API

  • Access clean patent data, value-added metadata and analytics.
  • Create custom tools for IP and business intelligence.
  • Add IP-related functionality to existing enterprise software.

Taxonomy Builder

  • Categorize patent portfolios and topics into custom taxonomies.
  • Modify and reuse taxonomies in future analyses.
  • Incorporate suggestions from machine learning and SME inputs.

Portfolio Manager

  • Obtain a structured view of patent portfolios.
  • Map patent portfolios to technologies to study relevant patents.
  • View portfolio details using quick drill-down and analytics.

Automated Reports

  • Generate readable reports containing IP insights.
  • Automate the task of regular reporting.
  • Form a communication channel between analysts and management.