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    Relecura is a full-stack cognitive cloud platform that provides custom intelligence and reports on technologies, companies, and intellectual property. The platform provides end-to-end solutions for a complete innovation lifecycle through multiple web apps, mobile app, and APIs.

  • Tech Tracker

    Stay on top of the trends and ahead of the competition

    Track technologies and IP

    Tech Tracker is an AI/ML-powered software tool with intuitive workflows to analyze and track technologies and intellectual property. You can organize technologies and IP assets of organization for better insights, track technology trends, and generate competitive landscapes.

  • Novelty

    Discover what's behind the text

    Determine novelty of your idea

    Novelty is an invention analysis tool that processes inventions described through text. It is used for screening inventions and for performing novelty and prior-art searches. It uses NLP and AI methods to analyze the text and retrieve relevant patent documents.

  • Categorizer

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    Categorizer automatically categorizes patent portfolios using a two-step process. In the first step, an AI model is created using a list of training documents. The model created in the first step is used for automatically categorizing patent portfolios in the second step.

  • Tech Explorer

    Direct your research and bring ideas to life

    Explore technical areas

    Tech Explorer is a smart AI/ML tool that provides guided exploration and discovery of technical topics. It processes patents, scientific documents and personal collection of technical documents and gives you semantically connected concepts and documents.

Unleash the power of AI

Relecura is a full-stack cognitive cloud platform that provides custom intelligence on patent portfolios, technologies and companies. It does this by capturing and organizing the knowledge from various document repositories (patents, scientific literature, technical documents) and subject matter experts in a flexible and collaborative manner, into a knowledge-base.

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Drive growth with insights that matter.

Make faster, better technology decisions with Relecura’s easy, powerful, and advanced AI powered analytics modules that extract insights in minutes.

Enterprise-wide Research & Intelligence

Make informed decisions technology decisions using Relecura’s advanced analytics modules and build an organization-wide knowledge base.

M&A Scouting and Due-diligence

Scout for the right acquisition target and determine the overall portfolio fit. Obtain insights and proper due-diligence to make the right strategic choice.

Competitor Analysis

Identify and track the competition, discover new market entrants and develop strategies to reduce business risks.

Industry’s first Taxonomy feature for categorizing and organizing data automatically

From discovering connections to tracking trends, identifying opportunities and obtaining strategic intelligence, Relecura’s Auto-Taxonomy module helps you conduct analysis with the push of a button.

Explore and Interact with data visually

Relecura’s high-impact data visualization modules enable you to understand and interact with data easily to gather effective insights. You can generate custom intelligence reports to share across business units.

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