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A 3D Donut Drive into Patent Litigation in 2022

Jan 23, 2023

Wondering what we have in store for you today? If you know us and we believe you do, you’ll realize that we have more captivating data for you this evening! They concern the count of the patents that underwent litigation in 2022 and the companies they were associated with!

Thanks to the aesthetically appealing nature of pies and donut graphs, we’ve used a 3D donut graph to exhibit the relevant data. We’ve shared numbers pertaining to 10 top companies. The maximum number of litigated patents were associated with PPC Broadband at 29.1% (147), followed by Amphenol at 11.7% (59) and Alphabet at 10.9% (55). The remainder of the list includes a gamut of companies such as TE Connectivity (54), Motorola (38), Guardant Health Inc. (33), Nike (31), NLight Photonics Corporation (30), Corning (29), and Daedalus Prime LLC (29).

For data concerning the percentage of patents litigated against each company, please refer to the graph closely. 

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