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Accelerated Innovation: How Gen AI is Transforming Invention Disclosure

Nov 10, 2023

By Mamata Saha

Wherever there is innovation, invention disclosure is a pivotal part of the process. Given the sheer number of ideas that are submitted every day, it becomes challenging for companies to examine and sort these disclosures in order of importance. Generative AI (Gen AI) can play a critical role in eradicating this challenge. How? Through the use of AI models such as GPT-4, the invention assessment process can be smoothened, thereby enhancing its speed and accuracy.

The preliminary assessment of invention disclosures can be performed by Gen AI, which will retrieve crucial data from written documents. In other words, the technology will fetch relevant keywords, concepts, and patentable ideas from the submission documents. The biggest advantage of implementing Gen AI is that it saves plenty of time and effort that would otherwise be needed for manual examination. Let us also add here that the technology ensures that the information is comprehensive. Last but not least, AI can also contribute further to the classification of inventions into various domains or technologies. This exercise helps in allocating them to appropriate teams for further analysis.

Interestingly, Gen AI shares feedback with inventors on their invention disclosures. In what way? Systems driven by AI have the capability to throw up improvements and suggestions. They can even go so far as to identify potential prior art. As a result, it leaves no room for doubt about the quality of the disclosures before they are further examined. Essentially, AI does two key things: one, it streamlines the invention disclosure process of companies and encourages further innovation, and two, makes the most of the ideas generated by their employees. In the end, any and every organization looking to be at the forefront of innovation should maximize the power and potential of Gen AI for invention disclosure analysis, in a constantly-changing technological environment.

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