Webinar on AI driven patent categorisation

Raja Ayyanar
Raja is an AI Research Engineer at Relecura. He owns a Master’s in Machine Learning and Intelligent systems from Ramaiah University, Bangalore. His research publication on Causal Relation Classification using Convoluted Neural Networks appears in IEEE conference.

4-5 pm IST

AI-driven Patent Categorization: Secrets to Optimize Analytics and Gain Accurate Insights

Decision-makers rely on insights at the right time and in the right context. Automated patent document classification helps to improve the accuracy of the technical insights and enhance efficiency of the innovation process.

A patent document classification refers to a process where the document is categorized. One way of categorizing the patents is to use classification codes. The pre-defined mapping, such as different classification codes, may not capture the semantic richness of the patent documents. Hence, there is a need to categorize patent documents according to different semantic contexts.

Join Raja Ayyanar, Research Engineer at Relecura to learn:

•  Ideas behind classification algorithms
•  Deep learning approaches
•  Challenges in implementation related to patent documents
•  A case study using Relecura’s auto-categorization tool