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Bose Corporation – Achieving Excellence in Sound

May 01, 2018

Bose Corporation - Patent Portfolio

Headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts, Bose Corporation is a privately-held American firm that engineers, researches, develops, and markets audio equipment worldwide. The company is best known in the industry as a producer of high-end audio products. 

Bose’s major product offerings include consumer and professional audio systems, noise cancelling headphones, micro Bluetooth speakers, automobile sound systems, loudspeakers, combat vehicle crewman headsets, tactical headsets, and ride systems. In 2005, the Bose brand name was among the most trusted by US consumers in a market study done by Forrester Research. 

As of 2017, Bose employed more than 8000 people and its revenue was US$ 3.8 billion. This report takes a closer look at the patents in Bose’s portfolio. It includes a portfolio taxonomy and provides insights into various aspects of the overall portfolio.

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