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COVID Analyzer: Free AI-driven Tool for all Corona-related Research

May 23, 2020
As the world battles against the social and economic setbacks of COVID-19 global health crisis, the data related to this virus has gained prime importance. The scientists and researchers around the globe are working to find solutions to address this problem. The COVID-19 data is imperative to measure and analyze the impact of the virus. In an effort to help and support the researchers and experts who are working on mitigating the crisis, we are making available a tool to better track, obtain and plan the data related to corona virus research. Through Relecura’s COVID Analyzer, we strive to provide you with the latest data related to COVID-19 that enables you to gain insights and make decisions.

What is COVID Analyzer?           

A smart AI/ML platform that provides you with latest technical data – scientific papers, research articles and patent documents – related to corona virus. It enables you to perform a guided exploration and discovery of corona virus research-related technologies, processes the documents and gives you semantically arranged concepts, making it easier for you to work with the data. Available for free, COVID Analyzer presents the data under different tabs for research articles and patents. It allows you to refine the data set by date or by keywords using the filter box. You can also form your search queries and perform a search using the search box. As an alternative, COVID Analyzer provides you with AI-enabled suggestions for keywords and terms in order to execute specific searches. The Exploration section is populated with Specific Topics and Broad Concepts in a tag cloud format. These are logically grouped by context and the grouping is colour coded to enable identification of the similar groups. You can select the relevant topics and concepts by clicking on them. You can further refine and explore by selecting topics and concepts to get better results.

How to use COVID Analyzer?

COVID Analyzer is a simple way to obtain the latest data related to corona virus related research and technical areas. While the data is listed under research articles and patents, you can perform your own search through the queries. For instance, you search for technical data related to drug Favipiravir for COVID-19. You can input the drug name in search box and get the results. The results are displayed under the tabs research articles and patents. Under the tab called Taxonomy, you get an automated categorization of these research articles or patents into various technology segments. For instance, in the present example, a total of 82 documents are listed. Instead of reading all the 82 technical documents, you can simply go to taxonomy and directly click on COVID-19 node to read the articles related to Favipiravir for COVID-19. In a similar manner, you can view the node name and read the articles related to the node. Another effective way to conduct the search would be to input the drug name Favipiravir and click on the link that says ‘Explore our AI-suggested terms here.’ This link provides you with the following information -   You can explore this and other technical information using the tag clouds for specific topics and broad concepts. Go to the manual to learn everything about COVID Analyzer here.

Why you should use COVID Analyzer?

Not only does COVID Analyzer provide you with a knowledge repository of Corona virus related data but it brings easy and accurate insights to you arranged in the form of taxonomies. A taxonomy is a representation of the data into different technologies and sub-technologies that are depicted through nodes. Each node gives the number of research articles or patents related to that technology category or sub-category. For easier and more accurate insights, COVID Analyzer provides you with multiple taxonomies under different technology categories related to Corona virus. You get automatically arranged patents and technical documents into an intuitive hierarchical structure of technologies and sub-technologies. Using the drop down menus titled Data Source and Taxonomy, you can obtain specific technology categories related to Corona virus. Data Source gives you overall taxonomies for research articles and patents while Taxonomy provides specific taxonomies based on patents or research articles. These taxonomies are related to the following technology categories – Antiviral Drugs, Covid, PPE, Vaccine and Ventilators for patent based categorization, and Covid and Vaccine categories for research articles based categorization. Say you wish to study patents related to vaccines for Corona virus. All you need to do is select the data source as Patent and select Vaccine under Based on Patents in Taxonomy drop down menu. You obtain the patents related to Corona virus vaccine automatically categorized under different technologies. To view the patents under any technology category, click on that node. To view patents related to Antibiotics, click on the node Antibiotics and it will list the results in a new tab. Similarly, you can click on any other node to get the results for that particular technology category. Go to COVID Analyzer and begin exploring now. We will be conducting a webinar soon on how to use this tool for best results. We will also deliver the latest weekly updates on COVID-19 related data to your inbox with insights that matter. Subscribe here to our newsletter to receive weekly updates in your inbox and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated! Take me to COVID Analyzer

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