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Creativity Unleashed: How Generative AI is Transforming R&D

Oct 17, 2023

By Mamata Saha

Like all disruptive technologies, Generative AI (Gen AI) is making its presence felt across all industries and fields worldwide. So, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that research and development (R&D) is one among them. When we look back on old-school methods of research, we’re reminded of the countless experiments that ended up taking too much time, not to mention the cumbersome process of trial and error and the comprehensive data assessment. Contrary to the conventional methods used for R&D, Gen AI uses its competent algorithms to fetch unique solutions, designs, and ideas. Essentially, with the help of deep learning models and large datasets, Gen AI generates creativity akin to that of humans, thereby paving the way for researchers to explore untapped areas and enhance the innovation process.

Within Gen AI lies the potential to expedite the process of discovering new products like medicines, which can better the health of hordes of people. A key contribution of Gen AI has been in the pharmaceutical industry. It has used AI-powered platforms to foretell the potency of specific compounds, enabling the use of fewer resources (and less time) to produce medicines that offer the gift of life to many. Another area that has seen the benefit of Gen AI is materials science. The technology has been put to use to find new materials with distinctive qualities, making extraordinary contributions to fields such as electronics, and aerospace, among others. In a word, automation is key to the increased pace of research and development, through accelerated generation of designs and hypotheses. The more tools and technologies we have at our disposal, the greater the chances of exploring possibilities that seem impractical otherwise. 

Since we’re on the subject of the areas where Gen AI is making a huge difference, let’s not forget to add intellectual property. How exactly is it making a difference? It’s a known fact that innovators and researchers develop new products and technologies with the help of AI-driven models, giving rise to questions about patent rights and IP ownership. In other words, these processes make people wonder about legal and ethical implications in terms of what or who gets the credit for the invention in question. That’s why it’s imperative to ensure that IP laws and guidelines are reexamined to accommodate such concerns. In the end, with Gen AI becoming an indispensable part of research and development, companies need to embrace the changes while ensuring that intellectual property rights aren’t compromised at the expense of innovation.

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