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Cree, Inc. – A Market Leader in Lighting-Class LED Solutions

Jun 25, 2018

Cree, Inc. - Patent Portfolio

Cree, Inc. is a manufacturer of light-class LEDs (Light Emitting Diode), lighting products, and semiconductor products for power and radio frequency (RF) applications. The company is headquartered in North Carolina, USA. 

Founded in 1987, Cree’s products are based on the naturally occurring mineral compound, silicon carbide (SiC). The advantage of using SiC is that it enables higher performance and efficiency in applications that require high endurance. The compound can also be used in semiconductor devices that function at high voltages or high temperatures, or both.

The company's products are used for a wide variety of applications ranging from indoor and outdoor lighting to inverters and wireless systems. This report takes a closer look at the patents in Cree’s portfolio that are currently in force. It includes a portfolio taxonomy and provides insights into various aspects of the overall portfolio. 

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