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Delphi Automotive – A Tier One Supplier in Transition

Dec 08, 2017

Delphi Automotive PLC is the world’s largest automotive parts manufacturer that designs and engineers a variety of automotive systems and components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It operates 126 wholly owned manufacturing sites, and 15 technical centres across 32 countries.

On Dec 6th, 2017, Delphi Automotive spun off its powertrain division into a separate entity called Delphi Technologies, and rebranded everything else under a new corporate name — Aptiv. As Aptiv, the company will focus on electronics and other technologies related to autonomous driving. Delphi Technologies will be an automotive powertrain, advanced propulsion and aftermarket solutions provider.

Delphi recently became an important contender in the emerging market for self-driving technology. The company acquired Boston-based self-driving startup NuTonomy in October 2017. It is also working on advanced self-driving systems in a set of partnerships with companies like Intel and BMW, and it's already a leader in the advanced driver-assist systems that will be the building blocks of tomorrow's self-driving vehicles.

This report takes a closer look at the patents held by Delphi Automotive PLC (the original entity before the split). We have restricted the analysis to patents that are currently in force. It includes a portfolio taxonomy and provides insights into various aspects of the overall portfolio.

View the full report here.

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