Demo Feeback

    Relecura products demo feedback

    Having taken the demo on Relecura tools, we would treasure and appreciate your feedback, as it would help us serve you better.

    1. How was your overall demo experience?

    2. Have you had any difficulty understanding the products?

    If yes, please give your feedback

    3. Would you like to try out the tools against the backdrop of the demo?

    If yes, when do you want us to get back with trial access credentials/follow-up?

    4. Which products did you find interesting?

    5. Would you need any materials from us to pass the feedback/information to the decision maker on the team/organization?

    If yes, please share your suggestion

    6. Would you be interested in a follow up discussion after a few days?

    7. Are you already subscribed to any other database?

    If yes, what would make you switch:

    8. What is your expected timeline for subscribing to a new tool?

    Thank you for sparing your time and taking the demonstration of the tools. The information provided here above shall be respected and its confidentiality protected. It will be taken recourse to for finetuning the service delivery and user interface.