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From Idea to Patent: How Generative AI is Accelerating Invention Development

Sep 08, 2023

By Mamata Saha

The entire process of an idea transitioning to a patentable invention is fraught with challenges because of the ever-changing nature of innovation. Over time, innovators have faced many roadblocks, whether it involved developing an idea or going through the painstaking and time-consuming patent application process. However, we do have reason to celebrate since a subset of AI rather, Generative AI (GenAI), has been significantly contributing to the invention development process. Gen AI is no longer restricted to science fiction but is redefining ways in which we create, innovate, and protect our intellectual property.

So, how does Generative AI help accelerate the invention development process? The technology delves into massive datasets comprising patent and non-patent (or academic) documents and is capable of sharing new aspects, applications, or ideas that might never have occurred to innovators before. As an innovator, you get access to a plethora of ideas but end up spending far less time in the process. More specifically, the technology doesn’t limit itself to idea generation. It helps simplify and smoothen the patent drafting process. Again, how? By helping patent attorneys and innovators frame technically and legally accurate documents that go into the patent application process. Being an automated process that strictly follows relevant standards, Gen AI ensures that the documents accompanying patent applications are impeccable.

To sum up, may we also add here that Relecura, an AI leader in the IP and innovation space, uses Gen AI on its most popular patent search and analysis platform, the Enterprise Web Tool. The tool delves into an exhaustive patent database of over 160 million documents, spread over 160 geographies, to fetch the relevant data, as requested by a user. 

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