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Gen AI-Driven Patent Filing: Redefining Efficiency and Accuracy

Sep 15, 2023

By Mamata Saha

Patent filing forms a core element in the transition of an idea to intellectual property protection. The process requires legal expertise, an eye for detail, and technical accuracy. In other words, it should leave no room for error as the consequences can be disastrous, in terms of rejections and loss of intellectual property rights. 

As a technology, AI stands out because it ensures that patent applications are accurate and the procedure is carried out end-to-end. AI algorithms are equipped to handle all aspects of patent application and can even double-check by referring to current patent databases and legal precedents. Critical mistakes are identified along with excluded information, and suggestions are offered to enhance the overall quality of the patent application. That way, when you file an impeccable patent application, the chances of being granted one increase that much more.

Courtesy of the latest disruptive technology, Generative AI (Gen AI), a subset of AI, the patent filing process becomes much more streamlined. When the task of patent filing is performed by a human, it is subjective because each individual views and approaches it differently. At the same time, when AI is involved, it adheres to a specific set of guidelines, which is necessitated by the complexity of standards pertaining to patent applications. Following legal guidelines also ensures that patent infringements, legal hassles, not to mention rejections, are avoided.

Relecura, which specializes in AI solutions for the IP and innovation space, has been, for a while now, on the path to discovering new intuitive features and benefits for its existing set of patent search and analysis tools, using Gen AI. In fact, we’re working on multiple use cases involving Gen AI. So, should you have any requirements concerning Gen AI, please reach out to us for support.

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