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Huawei’s Innovative Streak: Top Patented Technologies of 2022

Jan 12, 2023

Further to the data we shared yesterday on the top countries and patent authorities Huawei published patents in, we’d like to move to the top technologies Huawei patented in 2022 and the number of patent documents for each.

The 3D pie graph here has beautifully depicted the top 10 technologies the country patented last year. Among them, the biggest slice of the cake has gone to Wireless Communications Networks with 32 % (15,032 documents), followed by Data Transmission at 25.5 % (11,827 documents) and Digital Data Processing at 15.2 % (7114 documents)!

In addition to the top three technologies, other equally significant technologies patented by the Chinese multinational include Pictorial Communication at 7.9 % (3730), Signal Transmission at 7.2 % (3362), Telephonic Communication at 3.3 % (1527), Computer Systems (Using Computational Models) at 2.7 % (1273), Image Data Processing at 2.4 % (1121), Optical Elements at 2.1 % (1001), and Electrical Elements - Aerials at 2.1 % (965).

Take a closer look at the 3D pie graph for validation of the statistics shared here. 

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