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Huawei’s Patent Landscape: A 3D Look at the Top Countries in 2022

Jan 10, 2023

As last week was mostly about Samsung and its patent data, let’s shift our focus to Huawei, a Chinese MNC dealing with information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. 

So, what about Huawei are we looking at today? The top 10 countries and patent authorities where Huawei has published its patent documents are our areas of focus. As evident from the 3D column graph, (Huawei) being of Chinese origin, China is at the top, leading with 17,386 patent documents. Although EO and the WO (PCT), prominent patent authorities in Europe and the world, occupy second and third place, with 8884 and 7704 documents respectively, they’re pretty low compared to China. Since we’re talking about numbers, it’s imperative to mention the remaining countries and their data. 

The US occupies fourth place with 7432 documents, followed by Japan (1685), India (1100), Korea (873), Brazil (659), Australia (369), and Spain (206)!

Please refer to the 3D column graph to validate the data shared earlier.

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