Relecura is an IP analytics and knowledge management platform for patents and portfolios using machine learning, semantic analysis, and predictive analytics to create custom solutions.


Corporate IP Team

Develop a data-driven IP strategy.
Build and maintain a curated IP knowledge-base.
Respond faster to portfolio and competitor queries.


Support decision-making with IP-related insights.
Obtain a regular feed of competitive intelligence.
Maximize the impact of your R&D spend.

Subject Matter Experts

Build and maintain a technical knowledge base.
Capture, organize, and reuse work.
Reduce time-to-insight on technology categories.

IP Law firms

Get support for prior-art search and patent prosecution.
Manage client portfolios more efficiently.
Advise clients on the strengths and gaps of their portfolios.

IP Commercialization Team

Identify non-core patents for sale or licensing.
Determine patent coverage required to add new product features.
Confirm patent coverage before entering in new markets.

M&A Team

Identify potential acquisitions and partners.
Assess portfolios of acquisition targets for valuation impact.
Determine how well target portfolios complement your own.


Relecura Web

  • Global patent coverage with translated and full-text data.
  • Curated metadata with high impact visualization and analytics.
  • Powerful collaboration and portfolio management features.

Mobile App

  • Mobile patent search and analysis with global coverage.
  • Multiple graphing and visualization features.
  • Two-way integration with Relecura Web.

Relecura API

  • Access clean patent data, value-added metadata and analytics.
  • Create custom tools for IP and business intelligence.
  • Add IP-related functionality to existing enterprise software.

Taxonomy Builder

  • Categorize patent portfolios and topics into custom taxonomies.
  • Modify and reuse taxonomies in future analyses.
  • Incorporate suggestions from machine learning and SME inputs.

Portfolio Manager

  • Obtain a structured view of patent portfolios.
  • Map patent portfolios to technologies to study relevant patents.
  • View portfolio details using quick drill-down and analytics.

Automated Reports

  • Generate readable reports containing IP insights.
  • Automate the task of regular reporting.
  • Form a communication channel between analysts and management.