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Relecura tools support the following vital activities at the universities and R&D centers-

1. Innovation and Technology Transfer
The following are some of the workflows available on the tools:
a) Screen research work for identifying inventions.
b) Identify potential licensees for the technologies.
c) Identify opportunities for partnerships.
d) Explore new technologies and track industry trends.
e) Automate the categorization of new IP assets.
f) Perform technical due diligence for new startups.
g) Transform invention to patents.

2. Catalysis of patent generation:
a) Projects/research pursuits on campus could be fine-tuned to make them more focused and patentable.
b)The research pursuits could be integrated with the industry requirements, and thus the industry-academia divide could be bridged.
c) Fill the white spaces in the technology landscape of concern.
d) Get industry sponsorship for research addressing the technology gaps in the industry through white space identification.
e) Perform patentability study with the help of AI-based Novelty tool, which is specially designed for naïve innovation enthusiasts, researchers, professors, and students who can also use and analyze their own inventions.
f) Recognize inventors on campus for their contributions to innovation. Relecura has introduced an i-index (inventor index), a metric of the impact of the contribution of an inventor. Inventor Index can be used for generating a report and making it available to inventors.
g) Tech Tracker generates brainstorming monthly reports, giving an insight into emerging companies and technologies and the underlying patent database.
h) Tech Explorer gives access to patents, scientific documents, and a personal collection of documents to help the research community steer the ongoing research pursuits in a patentable direction.

3. Integrate IPR and entrepreneurship in the curriculum
Higher education is increasingly gravitating toward entrepreneurship and IPR generation to bolster the economy and for employment generation, which would ultimately reflect on the national GDP. Research communities and students who are into science and engineering streams need to be groomed to take on such challenges to be performing assets.

The curricula designed by internal experts should cater to the demands of the emerging innovation space in the modern world. The course should  include an introduction to IPR, prior art search, types of patent search, AI, ML, and NLP methods used in IP tools, emerging technologies, competitive intelligence, IP commercialization and M&A, joint venture, and partnerships.

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