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Vital insights are required to make crucial decisions in the competitive corporate world where a competitive edge in technology and products is important to ride the crest of consumer preferences.

Relecura provides a range of AI-powered tools. These tools help reveal hidden aspects of reality, enabling users to make intelligent and flawless decisions. Competitive intelligence, product and market information, and corporate decisions based on intellectual property, technology, or product roadmap are essential components of these tools. The tools also assist in identifying focus areas for research and development by analyzing the existing gaps in competitors’ technology landscape. After conducting in-house novelty screening, the tools enable the generation of intellectual property assets. Finally, the tools facilitate the commercialization of these innovations, thereby revitalizing the entire innovation cycle. These stages collectively contribute to fostering a healthy innovation environment.

The accuracy of the results and the workflows are guaranteed to meet the specifications provided by the company.

Potential use cases

  • Generate accurate models to capture the technologies covered by the company’s patent portfolio.
  •  Map the portfolios of the company, competitors, partners, and M&A targets to the company technologies.
  •  Given a few documents, identify their technology categories and retrieve similar patents from the company’s and competitors’ portfolios 
  • Track the developments in technologies covered by the company portfolio 
  • Manage prior-art search and patent prosecution 
  • Input an invention disclosure to receive a comprehensive view of the invention, including the following: 
    • A summary graph of the invention to understand it faster 
    • Relevant technology categories of the company’s patent portfolio 
    • Indicate if the invention belongs to the company’s whitespace
    • Relevant trends in the industry in the area of the invention
    • Related patents from the company and its competitors 
    • Relevant prior-art documents 
    • Related prior-art from earlier submissions

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