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The customized edition of AI-propelled Relecura tools sheds light into the depths of data stacks to take instant, intelligent and informed decisions in the following vital operations performed by patent professionals.

Novelty check (Patentability screening): Novelty is a smartly designed tool that could be further fine-tuned to suit the needs of patent law firms. Here, the input needed is only a text description of an invention and it is processed by several AI and NLP algorithms, and the most relevant documents related to the invention are extracted from a global patent database. Furthermore, it instantly generates a summary graph providing an overview of the invention. Users can further refine the prior art using relevant phrases and keywords from the graph. The tool saves a great deal of time and resources, and the analyst can make a quick decision on the patentability of the inventions or innovation in question. Free databases and conventional databases do not offer this concept-based search.

Freedom to Operate (FTO): In cases of inter-organizational non-exclusive cross-license agreements being explored, the freedom to operate agreement becomes a necessity for further research and development. Patent litigation being a risky and oft unaffordable adventure, complete access to patent documents, issued or pending, becomes a prerequisite and the process is often costly. The AI-powered tools make that process instant and easy. The territoriality of patents, expiry of patents, and limits of scope of patents could be assessed in no time on the tools.

Overview of the IP landscape: Relecura offers access to a 150 million-strong database covering almost all geographies, including Standard Essential Patents (SEP). The classifier facility classifies thousands of patents into manageable branched out groups for easy analysis and for the identification of white spaces.

Emerging companies, technologies, and competitors: The emerging and prominent players in the technology areas of interest and the significance of the inventions being assessed can be easily bought out with the relevant statistics of a time span of your choice.

The operations mentioned above become the solid support base for IP law professionals in offering expert advice, official communication, research and analysis of legal problems, interpretation of laws, and in presenting facts reliably and authentically in the shortest possible period of time.

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