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Innovative Heights: Top Patented Technologies of LG in 2022

Jan 13, 2023

Now that you’ve had a chance to view the top countries that published LG patents, you should also take a look at the top technologies patented by LG in 2022.

To share the relevant details with you, we’ve used the Enterprise Web Tool to generate a 3D bar graph revealing the top 10 technologies LG patented last year! The text that follows will also share the number of patent documents published for each technology. 

It’s clear from the 3D bar graph that Electric Elements - Batteries is in the lead with 9862 patent documents, followed by Electric Elements - Semiconductor Devices (6206) and Wireless Communication Networks (4946) in second and third place, respectively. The technologies that make up the rest of the list include Pictorial Communication, Data Transmission, Digital Data Processing, Display (Circuits), Optical Elements, Macromolecular Compounds By Carbon - Carbon Unsaturated Bond, and Macromolecular Compound Compositions.

To know the number of patent documents pertaining to each technology, take a closer look at the 3D bar graph shared below. The technologies and subsequent numbers are presented in the same order as the text above. 

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