Introducing highly advanced and automated data analytics and visualization modules

Relecura introduces highly advanced and automated data analytics and visualization modules in addition to IP research and analytics features. These support informed decision making as well as provide custom intelligence relevant to different business and strategic stakeholders.

Understand the growth and decline of technologies that impact your product development.

  • Obtain emerging granular trends within technology domains and companies of interest.
  • Monitor emerging players within technology domains.
  • Optimize your R&D investment by strategically planning product development.

Industry-first feature that enables automated categorization of the technology or company portfolios into an intuitive hierarchical structure of technologies and sub-technologies.

  • Extract actionable insights within minutes from complex data.
  • Identify opportunities for IP licensing & commercialization.
  • Analyse competitors’ portfolios and gain competitive edge.

Mine your portfolio for valuable 5G assets with our AI-powered 5G Checker

  • Analyse your coverage spread across the 5G standards to strategize product development.
  • Obtain a score for the essentiality of patents against individual standard sections.
  • Perform a 5G SWOT analysis of your portfolio against those of your competitors.

Evidence of Use chart involves a detailed mapping of every element of a patent claim with the infringing product or a standard.

  • Determine the infringement of the patent.
  • Use detailed Evidence of Use charts for licensing negotiations or patent transaction opportunities.
  • Recognize potential infringement of your existing patents.

Need a helping hand?

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