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Large-scale Portfolio Analysis

Oct 13, 2017

Recent enhancements to the Auto Taxonomy module and the introduction of Taxonomy Statistics to the Relecura platform, make it easier to manage and analyze large patent portfolios. These new features enable portfolio analysis at scale for different business contexts – such as tracking technology trends, obtaining competitive intelligence, or assessing target portfolios in M&A and licensing activities.

IP professionals are required to provide a continuous feed of IP-related business intelligence to the company management to support their decision-making. The questions posed are typically related to comparative analyses of the company’s IP portfolio with those of their competitors, technologies covered by the various portfolios, opportunities for the company to out-license or sell patents, the need for in-licensing or patent acquisition to ensure adequate coverage, and assessments of the portfolios of potential M&A targets.

Providing quick answers to these questions is challenging, especially when large portfolios need to be managed and analyzed. Additionally, the answers are time and context dependent. The questions need to be addressed afresh for changing business contexts.

We have a short report that does a walk-through of these new features for some specific use-cases. Click below to read the full report. Do get in touch with us if you would like a demo of these and other Relecura features and capabilities.

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