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Leader in the Limelight

May 04, 2023

We’re back with the next installment of the Leader in the Limelight series. For our third session, we’ve had the honor of talking to our Sales Director, Mr. Kiran Ajayakumar and seeking his inputs on relevant questions. 

The Q&A session was conducted by Mamata Saha, our content manager - marketing.

Session 3: Details

  1. What are some of the changes you visualize in the patent search and analysis landscape in the years to come?

I foresee drastic changes in the patent search and analysis space. We will get to see more and more tools driven by AI, ML, and LLM technologies. We'll see more tools becoming intelligent, proactive, and predictive, whereas currently, most tools are reactive and utilitarian. Systems will preempt the context of user and organization requirements and will automatically analyze the data, and produce actionable insights. In the end, they’ll help organizations make quicker data-driven business decisions.

  1. As an AI leader, how do you think Relecura can make more of its presence felt in the market?

One of Relecura’s biggest advantages is that we are early adopters of AI and similar technologies. Today, with the advent of ChatGPT, product companies, including ours, have started working with LLM to introduce new, advanced features that will disrupt this ecosystem. What I’m excited about is our feature roadmap, which as stated earlier, will look into adding more AI and automation capabilities. I believe this is how we can make our presence felt and gain an edge over our competitors.

  1. Considering the sales strategy followed, what more do you think Relecura can do to enhance its customer base in the IP and innovation space?

In my opinion, one area of focus would definitely be marketing. What I mean by that is that we need to better express and outline our key features, differentiators, and USPs to connect with and attract a wider audience. The other focal point is to build a strong partner network to reach customers much more quickly and efficiently. 

  1. What do you believe is Relecura’s biggest strength and biggest area of opportunity?

Relecura’s biggest strength lies in its competency in AI and automation capabilities. From the customer’s point of view, Relecura provides a higher level of flexibility, better return on investment (ROI), and increased overall organizational efficiency.

As far as areas of opportunity go, markets and organizations are keenly exploring new solutions in AI, so there’s ample scope for us to further explore this area. While this may not have been the case earlier, it seems to be the current trend.

  1. Outside of work, what are your areas of interest and what do you do to pursue them?

I’m very passionate about technology and ensure that I closely follow whatever’s happening in the tech space. Technologies aside, I spend my time in outdoor activities such as trekking, cycling, and football. Last but not least, I love spending time with my family when I’m not working. I have a four-year-old daughter and I spend as much time with her as possible in my leisure time. 

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