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Leading the Way in Innovation – The Top Patent Assignees of 2022

Jan 19, 2023

Since yesterday’s post dealt with the top assignors who handed over a plethora of patents to assignees, today’s post will look into the top assignees or organizations that received these patents in 2022! As always, the semi-pie graph here exhibits the top 10 assignees that were assigned patents from the companies we looked at last evening. The number of patents handed over has also been shared.

From the graph, it’s clear that Tahoe Research Ltd. takes up the lion’s share with 15.9% (5204). Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC is second in line at 13.9% (4545). Following closely on its heels, at number three, we have Meta Platforms Technologies LLC at 13.8% (4502). Among the remaining seven assignees, we have Vitesco Technologies GMBH DE (3993), LG Energy Solution Ltd. (3961), Mercedes-Benz Group AD DE (2555), JPMorgan Chase (2443), HL Mando Corporation (1977), Continental Automotive Technologies GMBH DE (1855), and Fraunhofer (1637). 

For more information on the percentage of patents shared with assignees, take a detailed look at the graph. 

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