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New! “Growth and Trend Analysis” module – See it in action with a Wireless Charging case-study

Mar 14, 2016
Growth+Trends Enterprises are at a perennial risk of making incorrect assumptions about the direction and speed at which technology or industry evolves, as well as its competitive and market dynamics. It would be great for business and technology managers to have a tool that would factor in the various variables, and provide timely decision support in this regard. We have introduced a new module in Relecura that makes it easier to predict technology growth and trends based on patent and non-patent data. To outline how the module works, we have released a report with a case-study, titled "Technology and Competitive Intelligence in Wireless Charging". The steps used to analyze wireless charging, could be employed for other technologies as well. For the most part, companies rely on patent information at hand to generate descriptive analytics - which are then utilized to make intelligent predictions of future trends. Relecura's "Growth and Trend Analysis" module attempts to move patent analytics into the predictive realm, by incorporating predictive analytics, along with more traditional patent analytics - to suggest the future trajectories of current technologies of interest. The report may be accessed here. There are many more free IP Intelligence reports available here. For more information about the "Growth and Trend Analysis" module in Relecura, and to sign up for a trial and demo, click here.

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