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Novelty: An AI-Powered Prior Art Search Tool

Oct 05, 2020

IP professionals are seriously into protecting their company's or customers’ IP assets, and they strain to make quick decisions related to IP, putting their expertise and knowledge to the test. The significant growth in the volume of patent and non-patent literature, which is available in multiple formats, languages, and sources, makes the process challenging and time-consuming. Given the cumulative and enormous database to be searched and analyzed patent by patent, the task of manually burrowing down to the most relevant information is, indeed, overwhelming and laborious.

Prior art search is a vital part of the job, as it involves the quality examination of an invention. It helps us define the scope of research and the nature of the protection of a patent. With the advancement in technology over time, the database is steadily on the rise. At present, the search for prior art is conducted mostly by the input of keyword queries on patent and non-patent digital databases, prone to errors and omissions. 

Prior art

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technologies play a critical role in streamlining standard workflows of patent searches. There are many areas where AI-based technologies support patent analysts in reducing the efforts spent on investigation and analyses. Such an inquiry, a vouchsafing high degree of precision and efficiency, performs the job very fast and is powered by neural network analyses and semantic search models. It outsmarts human intelligence, is domain-specific, and delivers with a deeper understanding.

Semantic-based algorithms find the most relevant documents by identifying the meaning in accordance with an appropriate context. 

Novelty is an intelligent, secure, and easy-to-use invention analysis tool that processes an invention's text description through one or a few text paragraphs. It automates the patent search process and improves the accuracy of the results by processing the text using NLP and AI methods, identifying the most relevant documents from a global patent database, and providing a graphical representation of topics and their relationships. 

  Novelty Home Page

Novelty helps the user perform prior art searches and generate a report. When you enter a paragraph of text related to the invention in the search box, the AI engine identifies the most relevant documents by deriving the context and associating meanings to the input text. It generates a summary graph to give a quick overview of the invention. Users can select the most relevant phrases or keywords from the graph to refine the search results to suit their specific purpose.

Novelty Graph Page

Users can further select the related concepts to narrow down the search. The platform allows us to enter comments and queries against each selected result to include in the final report. 

Novelty will be most useful for the members of the invention or research screening committee for quick decisions. It will be helpful for IP analysts for quickly conducting prior art searches.

Visit Novelty and start your prior art search in a smart way!

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