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Novelty: An AI-Powered prior-art search tool for $99

Apr 07, 2021

AI-powered IP analytics tools are gaining ground as they help the users save man hours and substantial amounts of money. Novelty, a new tool from Relecura family which conducts prior- art search and thus patentability screening and invalidity search by using a patent number, could be carried out instantaneously with support of AI, ML and NLP.

Novelty summarizes each invention for easier comprehension and identifies its prior art with minimal effort using NLP and AI algorithms. Input of invention disclosures or publication number will suffice to extract the key topics, and the pertaining patents instantly scanning the global patent database. The system displays a summary graph representing the invention and lists the most related prior art.  

The tool is ideal for those who are into screening inventions, carrying out instant prior-art searches and conducting invalidity searches. It caters to a large spectrum of professionals, particularly IP lawyers, invention screeners, and IP analysts.

The simple steps to be followed to arrive at useful information are elaborated below. 

Users can start with a couple of sentences/paragraphs of text describing an invention. For users interested to conduct a patent number-based search, input the patent number and select the abstract or claim or copy and paste multiple claims to a text box.

The system instantly builds an interconnected schematic of the key phrases in the invention for lucidity and better understanding. Novelty helps users comprehend the inventions faster with the help of this summary graph. Users can further select the related phrases/companies to narrow down the search.

The results extracted by the tool can be shared with colleagues or clients, saved for future reference with users’ comments or inferences, or downloaded for immediate use. 

Given its affordability, short term subscription packages, user friendliness and effectiveness, the new version of Novelty, which is a fully functional SaaS product, could be game changer. Anybody can sign up for a monthly subscription using a credit card for as small as $99 per month. 

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