Expert solutions for industry-specific technology and IP

Prior Art Search

We help you make the right technology decisions at the right time with our IP and technology capabilities and protect the commercial rights on your innovations and inventions. Work with us and our partners to solve your IP and technology-based business needs using our domain experts and AI-driven tools.

IP Intelligence Solutions

Explore emerging trends in the industry, identify standard essential patents or find evidence of use for infringement using highly advanced tools and experts from the industry. They support informed decision making and provide custom intelligence relevant to different business and strategic stakeholders.

Technology Landscape

Generate technology and competitive landscapes, identify risks, and determine opportunities for growth with the support of domain experts and AI-powered research tools. Use the best tool and expertise in the industry for M&A due diligence or commercializing your IP.

Custom Apps

Conduct technology scouting, manage portfolios, process invention disclosures, identify IP commercialization opportunities and gather competitive intelligence through our custom applications tailored to your needs. Check 5G compatibility of your inventions, classify and organize your data, and visualize for insights using your own app.


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