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Patent Power Players: A Look at the Top Assignors in 2022

Jan 18, 2023

While we’ve been talking about the top companies publishing patents in 2022 and the top technologies patented by them, we thought it might be interesting to look at something else to avoid the monotony of the data. So, what are we going to look at today?

Today, we’ll shift our focus to an extraordinary feature of Relecura’s Enterprise Web Tool dealing with Assignment Transactions. Let’s take a minute to understand the terms assignor and assignee. The assignor is the party that transfers ownership rights of a specific patent to the second party or the assignee in a transaction assignment. 

Today’s pie graph explores the top 10 companies or assignors that have transferred the proprietary rights of some of their patents to a bunch of assignees. Although the pie chart reveals the assignors and percentages of the patents transferred, we’ll also share the number of documents each percentage refers to. 

As is visible from the graph, Intel takes up a chunk of the pie with 17.6% (5611). We have Facebook following closely on its heels, with 14% (4475). In third place, it’s Daimler at 12.4% (3941). While the share of documents keeps getting smaller, the remaining companies are worth a mention. They include Vitesco Technologies GMBH (3939), Merck (3909), Continental (2493), McAfee (2442), Mando (2085), Kawasaki (1520), and Samsung (1445).

Take a closer look at the graph to determine the percentage taken up by each organization and validate the remaining data shared earlier.

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