Make the right technology decisions at the right time with our IP and technology capabilities

Work with us and our partners to solve your IP and technology-based business needs using our domain experts and AI-driven tools.

Streamline your R&D budget by identifying ideas of value and their potential.

  • Evaluate inventions and ideas before further investment to optimize budget and maximize return on investment.
  • Determine patentability of ideas, identify and prioritize the prior art status before filing patents.
  • Develop well-crafted patent applications that improve allowance rates and save prosecution costs.

Strategize your go-to-market plan and obtain intelligence to decide your product launches in different markets.

  • Mitigate risks by avoiding infringements on existing patents
  • Identify licensing needs before a product launch
  • Understand the market to devise product development strategy

Uncover relevant prior art to defend a patent infringement lawsuit or taking a post-grant action.

  • Invalidate patents that block your patents.
  • Conduct due diligence for a patent or a patent portfolio
  • Evaluate threats by analysing competitive patent strength

Need a helping hand?

Our professional services offer training and support to minimise time-to-value in the Relecura platform and make more timely, confident IP decisions

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