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Data management, especially dealing with massive datasets, is challenging when it comes to organizing them into specific categories. This is where the Classifier, an AI-based tool, works its magic. Using a set of training documents, the automated tool segregates them into buckets. Once installed, the tool updates itself without any manual intervention. The AI classification tool comes with a set of unique features and benefits:

  • The tool uses model creation, model analysis, and data classification to organize the patent data.
  • The user gets to choose the number of categories and the parameters as part of the model creation process.
  • The tool’s interface allows the documents to be uploaded, screened, and segregated into positive and negative training documents.
  • The tool screens both patents and private documents.
  • When the data is uploaded to the tool, it’s automatically updated once it’s set to optimal model settings.
  • The tool’s data security and confidentiality features are impeccable.
  • The tool is flexible, so users can hook it up to their in-house servers.
  • The Classifier performs a task with precision in just a few minutes while manual classification takes several months to complete.
  • The tool is perfect for large organizations, especially those working with a range of data sets.

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