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Novelty screening, patentability search, infringement, freedom to operate, etc., are time-consuming and costly formalities in the innovation ecosystem, and such operations require expertise in the IP profession. If a prior-art search could be done just by inserting a brief text description of the invention, it would be a game-changer.

Artificial intelligence for patent prior art searching is a much-advanced area. Novelty is an innovative, affordable, and fully automated tool for quick AI-based prior art search. Simply enter a brief text description or publication number to be quickly privy to the relevant patents from Relecura’s global patent database.

Using NLP and AI algorithms, Novelty can summarize each invention for easier comprehension making artificial intelligence for prior art searching simpler and easier.

  • Novelty is ideal for IP law firms, corporations, R&D centers, technology transfer offices, and universities.
  • It consists of a fully automated single-step process for screening inventions.
  • It shares a graphical summary of inventive ideas for faster comprehension.
  • It instantly generates a list of key phrases and key players.
  • It fetches the most relevant results from over 150 million documents (160 jurisdictions).
  • It performs a prior-art search with the help of a patent number.
  • It saves selected patents with your comments to review later or share reports with anyone.
  • It contains enterprise plans with custom interfaces and unlimited users.
  • It integrates with internal systems and hosts on internal servers.

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