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[Updates] Bucketing module added, improved alerts, New version introduced – Relecura Basic

Oct 16, 2014
Here are some of the improvements made to the Relecura platform over the last couple of months. In addition, we have implemented a “Bucketing” module which enables you to conveniently partition your portfolio into appropriate buckets. We have also introduced Relecura Basic, a simple version focusing on just search with basic analytics. Relecura now supports ordered (ADJACENT) and unordered (NEAR) proximity operators to simplify your search queries. You can use a combination of Boolean operators, keywords along with these operators, to create complex nested search queries in multiple levels. If the result set is saved as a Live Search, you can set to receive alerts if additional matching documents are found, once the database gets updated. We now incorporate IP type and Publication Type in the advanced search field to search separately for utility inventions / designs /utility model or patent grants / applications. Additional fields are now available for export within the claims/description. These include the claim tree, first claim and also the counts for claims, claims word, first claim word, independent claims, shortest independent  word and description word. Country code, IP type and Publication Type can now be exported in addition to earlier fields. Added display options under graphs for IP type and Publication Type by year and jurisdiction. You can also view US class codes with one-dot and two-dot indent subclasses. The assignment search can now be grouped by applications. Worried about losing the last session of your search? You need to just login again and click on the “Back to results” button (top right on main search page) to resume where you left off in the previous session. Bucketing module An efficient module has be implemented to create overlapping and non-overlapping buckets in a parent set, using any combination of search parameters. You can auto-map the buckets from one search to the other. The buckets can be analyzed and managed using a dashboard providing the bucketing statistics. For a Relecura demo/trial, click here.

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