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Relecura Integrates Standard Essential Patents (SEP) Database

Mar 05, 2021

Organizations engaged in standard setting have developed rules and practices to ensure the efficient licensing of patents that are essential for their standards ('standard-essential patents'). A smooth licensing environment is essential for the success of a standard. The telecommunications industry is driven by standards, which are made up of a great number of innovations protected by patents. 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi networks rely on thousands of patented technologies to work. Standard organization plays a vital role in designing and structuring the standards and companies associated with the technologies must declare their IPRs and essentially patents which they believe to belong to a particular standard.
Keeping the importance of SEPs to our customers in mind, we have integrated Standard Essential Patents in Relecura database. Now user can search for any patent on Relecura platform and check whether it belongs to SEP set or not. We have uncovered this data from ETSI, 3GPP and other standard organizations.
First, search for the required technology and check if there are patents which are part of SEPs. This will generate a refined result set with SEP status.

Further, user can also export the details of SEP patents along with Declarations and IPR disclosures as shown in table below.

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