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Relecura ushers in the New Year with IP Knowledge Management features

Jan 11, 2017
Three new modules introduce unique IP Knowledge Management capabilities to the Relecura platform. The inspiration for introducing the new modules was a direct result of client feedback. After listening, we asked ourselves the following questions: 1. How can we improve user productivity by better enabling them to capture, organize, and reuse their work? 2. How can we make the analysis of our customers' IP assets more structured and transparent; and make its comparison with those of its competitors seamless? 3. How can our customers more efficiently and effectively disseminate their IP insights organization-wide, so that they could be understood by non-IP professionals? The above questions initiated the development of individual features, which were then integrated to provide a comprehensive solution. We had initially tried to address the first of the above questions with our bucketing feature. It is an effective solution but did not go far enough in terms of supporting the user with intelligent suggestions to optimally organize the portfolio. In addition, we wanted to have an easy way to re-organize portfolios based on varying needs. Enter the first of the new modules - The Taxonomy Builder. The Taxonomy Builder is an AI-assisted knowledge management system for capturing, organizing and reusing the analysis done by subject matter experts. A visual interface is provided that makes it easy to build taxonomies on any topic of interest (as shown below) or patent portfolio of interest. The AI-assisted system provides suggestions to help select the topics for the nodes as well as the underlying specification behind the nodes. Taxonomies may thus be created automatically or in an assisted manner. IP professionals constantly field questions related to the portfolios they manage. Depending on the context of the questions, the portfolios may need to be reorganized, to provide appropriate analytics to answer the questions posed. This requires running fresh searches and additional time and effort. Manually bucketing portfolios into technology categories are one way to organize them. The results are however subjective and of varying accuracy. In addition, the partitioning is not flexible. Re-doing the categorization or categorizing a new portfolio necessitates a fresh bucketing exercise. The second of our new modules - The Portfolio Manager - addresses this challenge. The creation of different taxonomies generates a growing knowledge-base containing structured information on various technologies. IP professionals may reuse this information for analyzing and managing different patent portfolios. The Portfolio Manager helps in mapping patent portfolios to technologies of interest. Portfolios may be viewed individually or compared to those of competitors. The structured view offers quick drill down and greater detail on the various sub-technologies of the domain (see figure below). The knowledge-base is dynamic as well. Subject matter experts can easily tweak and expand the taxonomies on an ongoing basis, thus giving the IP analysts a richer repository to draw on.

Information on Nodes available from the Taxonomy Builder and Portfolio Manager

Collaboration features have always been part of the Relecura platform. For example, there is the Public Portfolio [Watch Video] that allows the user to share any portfolio saved in Relecura, with a select group of collaborators via a secure link. Along with the portfolio documents, a small subset of Relecura’s analytics and visualization features are made available to those accessing the link. This in itself may be too much information for certain audiences within the organization who need actionable IP insights, without having to wade through the details. We have introduced Automated Reports to generate easily readable reports with IP insights on technologies, portfolios, or companies. Users can now create a report with the click of a button and send a live or static report to their clients' company management. One such report is given here [PDF]. Automated Reports can be configured choosing from a list of templates to tailor the content, keeping in mind what is required by the different groups in the organization. It automates the often tedious task of regular reporting and becomes a channel for IP professionals to communicate with their management and other groups involved in decision-making. The Relecura platform was already a comprehensive IP search, analytics, and intelligence platform. We believe that the addition of these new Knowledge Management capabilities now makes it an enterprise-wide productivity and knowledge management solution. Please contact us at to learn more about these new modules or to set up a live demo.

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