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[Updates] Smart highlighting and improved data coverage

Jul 23, 2014
• Non-English data added to Relecura for the following geographies: New Zealand and India data: We have added bibliography and abstract data for New Zealand. In addition, we have added Indian applications (bibliography and abstracts) from 2006 onward. • US documents coverage: We have improved coverage of US documents dated prior to 1976. • Assignee normalization: With over 2,500 assignees normalized in our database, searches are now comprehensive and quicker. • Reading claims: Apart from independent claims, you can now view the first claims for each patent document. We have also improved the representation of patent claim trees. • Smart highlighting: With smart highlighting, verb forms, tenses, and stemming is also enabled when you choose to highlight keywords. • Translation capabilities: We have integrated Google translation into Relecura, so you can now read machine translated versions of documents that feature full-text data, in any of the 80 languages on offer. • Search queries: Improved support for wildcards. • Performance enhancements: Our move to a new platform makes Relecura approximately 5x-10x faster in processing search queries. • Topic Maps: You can now view/export raw data underlying the Comparison Topic Maps. • Graphs for multiple document sets: Graphs of up to 8 different document sets (portfolios) may now be displayed. • Changes to maximum limits:  

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