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[Updates] Complete UI revamp, Customizable and shareable Dashboards, User-defined tags

Jul 03, 2015
The last few months have been extremely busy for us at Relecura, building out our platform and adding new features. Given below is a quick round-up of the improvements implemented. Some of them are fairly significant and we will be writing separately about them. We have completely redesigned the Relecura UI to help simplify and streamline doing various analysis tasks. We were also able to significantly improve the UI performance during the course of the redesign. This has made the new UI more intuitive and the user experience much snappier. We can now create Dashboards in Relecura based on customizable templates containing widgets that display data and visualizations. These dashboards serve a dual purpose. They offer a dynamic snapshot of a set of patents of interest. They can also be shared within the organization, serving as a live customizable report of the various facets of patent portfolio. Relecura now has user-defined tags of two types - private and shared. The difference between the two is that a shared tag is visible to all users under the same account. Document sets may thus be collaboratively tagged using shared tags. Tags are incorporated into the various analytics and visualization features. Tags may be exported and imported. Following on from our popular curated Technology Categories, we now have Sub-technologies which are more granular curated categories. As with Technology Categories, Sub-technologies can be searched for, graphed, visualized, and exported. Leave us a comment with your feedback or suggestions. Click here to request a trial / demo.

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