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Portfolio Comparison Module, Improvements to Sharing & Bucketing

Sep 08, 2015
Here is a round-up of new features and some of the improvements made to the Relecura platform over the last month. This module enables the comparison and analysis of multiple portfolios. The module is integrated with features like Search Analysis, Graphs, Top fields, Topic Maps and Analysis Matrix, to compare and analyze up to four portfolios - visually as well as in list form. The selection of portfolios can be altered using the Modify Searches option available on the top right of each of the feature pages. Pages/results sharing in Relecura is now much easier. A user may now share a search set at any stage of the analysis, without explicitly saving the search. Sharing of the search set is enabled with other Relecura users. External sharing is enable via the Public Portfolio, with individuals without a Relecura account. Each of the feature pages (Results, Graphs, Explore, Browse, Cluster, Topic Maps, Citations and Seed Data) now has this “Share”. The earlier implementation of the Bucketing module has been improved. A new tab “Buckets” is now available under “Saved Projects” for managing buckets. Here, the user can edit, delete or auto-map buckets. Buckets can be auto-mapped from one search to another by using the “Map Buckets” option. A child bucket can be created directly under the parent bucket without reloading the original search set and refining it again. Individual search trails are shown for the parent and child buckets respectively. The parent bucket can be shared by creating a “Public Portfolio”. Topic Maps may now be created for Assignees, similar to the maps displaying Concepts, Technologies, Sub-technologies and Class Codes. Each bubble represents an individual Assignee with the bubble-size scaled to the size of the assignee's portfolio. The proximity of the bubbles indicate the degree of similarity between the various assignee portfolios. As in the case of the other Topic Maps, an export option is provided to obtain the map as an image. The Relecura Star Rating (1 to 5) of the individual patent document can now be graphed against Relecura Concepts / Technology Categories / Sub-technologies and represented in the form of a bubble chart. The bubble size indicates the number of documents having a specific star rating. The Star Rating has also been integrated with the “Browse” feature which allows the user to refine the search set further depending on this parameter with respect to assignees, class codes, concepts, technologies, sub-technologies, patent type or years (priority/filing/published). Grant dates and Expiry dates are now available for display under the “Patents per year” category.

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