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Relecura Upgrades Novelty with Advanced Features 

Jun 14, 2022

By Mamata Saha

A force to reckon with, Relecura is well-known for its AI, ML, and NLP - based tools that address the most challenging IP and innovation-related issues. We believe in making suitable enhancements to tools to make them more intuitive and easier to work with, not to mention those that set themselves apart from similar products. With that in mind, we have incorporated additional features into Novelty, our instant AI and NLP - based invention analysis tool. We believe this version of the tool will be of greater use to our customers than the older one.

The older version required the user to add a short text, describing their invention or idea, generating a graphical representation of the idea using keywords from the text, along with relevant patent documents retrieved from a global patent database. Or the user could use a patent number, an optional field, if they wished to carry out a prior-art or invalidity search. In addition to these features, the new Novelty tool has incorporated a matching scores feature. Once the AI and NLP algorithms search the worldwide patent database and fetch the requisite documents, you will find a relevancy score. A score is a number that reveals the extent to which the results match the input parameters. The higher the score, the higher the chances that the documents match the user’s requirements. 

Over and above the relevancy score, there are two major features added to the upgraded version of Novelty: one, a feature to identify semantically similar keywords to expand the user’s search, and two, the availability of non-patent scientific documents in addition to patent documents. The extra material will help the user delve deeper into various aspects of their idea or invention for a clearer understanding, and fetch patent and non-patent documents. And last but not least, the new version of Novelty also helps the user refine their results through the use of classification codes.

We believe what we see, don’t we? To examine the credibility of our tool, let us share a few screenshots of Novelty, representing the addition of new features. 

Fig 1: The graphical representation of the user’s idea or invention.
Fig 2: A list of patent publications with their respective relevancy scores.
Fig 3: The tag cloud page that reveals broad concepts and specific topics for the keywords ‘wireless charging.’
Fig 4: A list of patent documents that are generated along with the tag clouds for the same set of keywords used in Fig 3.
Fig 5: The ‘non-patent’ literature or scientific documents generated after a search with the keywords in Fig 3.

Apart from helping the user carry out their prior-art search to let them instantly know whether their idea is unique, authentic, and patentable, Novelty comes with inexpensive subscription plans for short periods. Should you want to test the waters first, visit and share your email address for a free trial.

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