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Revolutionizing SEP Discovery: How Generative AI is Transforming the Patent Landscape

Nov 03, 2023

By Mamata Saha

Before we delve into Generative AI’s (Gen AI) contribution to Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), let us take a minute to understand what they stand for. Essentially, SEPs are patents imperative to executing a particular technological standard or industry specification. They are required to ensure that products and technologies adhere to set standards. In doing so, they are able to function across a range of devices and systems, not to mention industries. Today, with technology advancing at an unprecedented pace, the identification and analysis of SEPs is challenging. However, thanks to the all-pervasive nature of Gen AI, we can now expect a smooth and organized process to track down SEPs.

With the help of deep learning technologies, Gen AI can assess massive depositories of patent data, technical documents, and research papers. In other words, by using technologies such as ML and NLP, Gen AI is able to recognize contextual relationships, linguistic patterns, and semantic differences. This, in turn, directs it to those patents that exhibit the potential and accuracy to be termed SEPs. In the end, Gen AI ensures that researchers and patent professionals don’t have to spend too much time and effort collating, examining, and studying numerous patent portfolios. Let us also add here that among the technology’s many capabilities, lie its ability to identify correlations between patents that may not be visible to humans. This skill goes a long way in enabling it to generate deep insights in terms of patent strategy and litigation.

Gen AI’s incorporation into the SEP identification process will do two critical things: one, it will make the process more efficient, and two, it will ensure that the evaluation process is more extensive. Determining the value and suitability of patents in terms of specific technological domains will enable companies to make educated decisions about licensing and innovation strategies, not to mention litigation. The transition from the manual and time-consuming SEP searching process to an AI-powered one has enabled a paradigm shift in SEP management and use, eventually leading to enhanced innovation.

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