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Samsung’s Global Reach 2022: Top Countries for Patent Publication

Jan 07, 2023

Today, we’ll direct our attention to the top countries where Samsung has published the highest number of patent documents in 2022!

We present a simple bar graph highlighting the top 10 countries where Samsung published a substantial number of patents. As evident, Korea’s undoubtedly at the top, having published 22,286 patent documents in 2022. The USA follows closely on its heels with very little difference in the document count (22,197). While China occupies third place with 9893 documents, it’s lagging way behind Korea and the US.

A special mention must be made for the remaining countries and patent authorities like the European Patent Office, (EP, 6384), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WO, 4678), Japan (1433), India (1418), Taiwan (873), Germany (308), and Brazil (264). While the numbers may be smaller than the top three countries, they’re still significant. 

Take a closer look at the bar graph to corroborate the information we’ve shared here.

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