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SAP – Building Intelligent Enterprises

Oct 29, 2018

SAP SE is a German-based enterprise application software and service provider. The Company mainly operates through two segments - Applications, Technology & Services segment, and the SAP Business Network segment. The Applications, Technology & Services segment is primarily engaged in the support and implementation services of its products, such as the software licenses, cloud applications and related services. The SAP Business Network segment includes its cloud-based collaborative business networks and services.

SAP has shown a consistent growth over the years and in 2017, it was among one of the most valuable technology brands worldwide, with the value of the brand estimated at 55.37 billion USD globally. The Cloud-based enterprise applications are SAP’s largest revenue generator and the company is now investing in machine learning technologies to provide end-to-end connections between business processes and applications. 

In an effort to bring advanced intelligence to its customers, SAP intends to offer a robot infrastructure to the customers. The company plans to attain this by expanding its product portfolio to include RPA (Robotic Process Automation), machine learning and conversational AI in a single end-to-end automation stack. This will help SAP automate redundant processes across its portfolio. In this report, we present technology trends related to SAP’s patent portfolio and insights into its technology assets.

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