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Investment management

The dilemma of where, when, and how much to invest in the innovation space is a critical factor that can make or break organizations.

Relecura uses white space analysis on custom AI tools,  offering insights on various technological trends and a peep into your competitor’s patent arsenal. Additionally, it helps you keep track of emerging organizations and technologies to help you manage your budgets and investments optimally.


Due Diligence

M&A is a strategic process, aimed at a mutually supportive and complementary association, resulting in a synergized end result. Selecting the right candidates for M&A ought to be a meticulous process based on the negative and positive aspects of the IPR capital of both parties.

Relecura processes all technical documents, including patents, scientific papers, and private records, to extract insights and provide meaningful intelligence. This capability suits well for technology due-diligence-related activities for M&A, partnerships, and divestiture. M&A procedures could be rationalized by comparing the weak and strong technology areas in terms of IP assets and identifying the complementary combinations.


Innovation reaches a dead-end if it cannot be monetized when the innovator fails to trace and reach out to the right customer, and fails to rate his innovation realistically.

Relecura helps you to optimize Licensing and Commercialization of IP assets, by providing easy-to-use tools to:

  • Organize patent portfolios for faster commercialization
  • Identify potential licensees and buyers of the IP
  • Monitor IP acquisitions of potential licensees and buyers of the IP
  • Get alerts when similar IPs get published anywhere in the world
  • Identify the commercialization potential of research
  • Perform technical due diligence for new start-ups
  • Screen research articles for patentable ideas
  • Improve the quality of new patents

Portfolio organization

Management of IP assets is costly and labor-intensive.

Relecura offers classifier tools for categorizing and organizing data automatically and instantly. Automated categorization against suitably chosen training documents keeps your patent portfolio updated and lucidly classified, amenable to instant analyses.

Technology trends

Competitive intelligence is a prerequisite for strategic decision-making. Relecura provides tools to track the innovation and publication dynamics of your competitors, based on which you can prioritize your innovation initiatives and thus hone up your competitive edge.

Inventor Index

Power your brand using patents as a measure of innovation with i-index

Patents can be used to establish your brand as innovative and creative. Build your brand by showcasing your patents in an interactive manner with Inventor Index (i-index). Obtain an objective measure of your creativity and share with others via email or on social media.

Connect with our Specialists

Our professional services offer training and support to minimise time-to-value on the Relecura platform and make more timely, confident IP decisions