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Survival of companies when new players and technologies emerge to take over

Jul 17, 2021

Alex Paikada, Director, Content Marketing, Relecura

"The old order changeth, yielding place to new,

Lest one good custom should corrupt the world..,” Tennyson

Technologies governing the production and delivery of goods and services are not static at all, more so in modern times. Given the emerging challenges and requirements, innovations, and explorations into unchartered technology avenues of thought and action become a necessity. For example, the debut of 5G might alter the whole regime of information sharing, communication, and logistics. As technologies and the technocentric economies are subject to change on short notice, all the stakeholders, particularly policymakers, innovators, inventors, R&D professionals, corporate heads, investors, TTOs, and IP professionals need to be abreast with the emerging technologies to survive and to be upbeat in a hyper-charged milieu where the fittest only can survive. Also, it is important to be in the know about the innovation dynamics of the competitor organizations worldwide as the world as a whole has become a single market transcending geopolitical barricades.

The necessity of an automated tool

In this context, it is important to have an exclusive tool specifically designed to deliver this information, with an automated and fully customized delivery infrastructure. The professional segments above alluded to need not be equally competent in terms of subject expertise, high-end analytics, and data interpretation. But if a system does the job with minimum prodding on a regular periodicity and coughs up the strategic information as and where it pops up, it could be a potent and insightful tool.

TechTracker is a landmark tool, hosted by Relecura, to serve the purpose mentioned above. It is a ready-to-use product to keep track of technologies and competitors in the patent context. The tool instantly opens up the vista of the technology landscape, company landscape, technology analysis, and company analysis within different temporal segments of choice. In industrial economies, patent assets make an insightful parameter divulging the competence and robustness of the production houses in question. Essentially the industrial hubs are the patent hubs too.

Where are we headed with 5G?

For example, an autogenerated report on 5G, the emerging area of technological efflorescence, illustrates the utility of the tool:

The result shows that already there is a good number of patents granted and many are waiting for approval. The number of pending applications indicates that innovation activity is on the rise in the area. Still more interesting, China overwhelmingly dominates the landscape. Other major economies like the US, Japan, Korea, Europe, etc., are significant players, though not comparable with China. The major players in the field are Huawei, LG, Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel, Ericsson, etc. The high traffic areas are data transmission, wireless communication, signal transmission, digital data processing, pictorial communication, etc.

When the emerging technologies are considered, where huge prospects lay, the application areas such as machine learning, wireless resource management, Digital interface arrangements, Information retrieval; Database structures; File system structures, Wireless channel access, etc. are listed. There are many emerging companies in the field, which is indicative of the intense innovative activity underway. The emerging players' category represents new start-up ventures as well. China Mobile, and FG Innovation Company, are examples of emerging players.

These tendencies indicate the pivotal role China is going to play in the newly fanged spere of 5G. Also, rather than huge multinational corporations, China-based R&D organizations, start-ups and universities have got an upper hand in the race. At this rate, upbeat Chinese organizations are going to have an upper hand in the long race for a technological edge. When more players enter the field, the picture is poised to become more dynamic and active. Indeed, the tomorrows to dawn have many things up their sleeve.

Options ahead

When the IP landscape is agog with more competition and intensity of activities, manual searching, and analyses have become almost impossible. Inroads made in AI/ML capabilities have taken over the domain to do the job more easily efficiently and accurately.

Autogenerated reports as shown in the link above, which could be shared, saved, or tracked at ease, help the people at the helm take decisions accommodating the future Technosphere in mind. Investments, research and development priorities, commercialization prospects, mutually complementary M&S possibilities, strategic in-house adjustments against the backdrop of the emerging competition scenario, and other vital activities could be rationally and tactfully streamlined in the light of the insights instantly opened up by the tool. Periodic tracking of the developments in the area of interest could be done, customized to the specific requirements of the subscriber.

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