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Tech Tracker: Bridging the Gap between Data and Business Value

Jul 01, 2020
The value of information lies in knowing how to use it. To thrive and succeed in the global marketplace, businesses and institutions need fast and reliable insights for their technical and strategic decision-making. Data-driven insights enable corporations, researchers and academia to obtain answers to critical questions, make more accurate decisions, and optimize costs and efficiency. While the information at the various stakeholders’ disposal is extensive, they lack focused measures to utilize the massive data. New Age technologies such as predictive analytics and artificial intelligence exhibit promising scope in tackling the challenge. However, there is a gap in addressing the needs of businesses and research organizations when it comes to deriving insights from technical information. Obtaining insights to drive decision-making has become imperative owing to its benefits: Three forces need to work in accord to build an innovation culture that is driven by insights – data (technical inputs), collaboration (interdisciplinary teams) and platform or tools (to convert knowledge into insights). The insights should be accessible to the person making decisions, and it is not sufficient to have an analytics platform to extract and deliver insights from the data. We need to mobilize people to leverage technology and power decision-making with insights. With this at the core of its purpose, Relecura presents Tech Tracker, an AI/ML-powered platform that provides you with simple and fast approaches to process technical data and derive accurate insights.

Tech Tracker: Redefining the way you work with data

In the present world, you require smarter and faster insights to achieve your business outcomes. Tech Tracker makes that easier for you by combining intelligence (human) with automation (machines).
This platform, which is available for free, enables you to obtain actionable insights with the click of a key. Using Tech Tracker, you can orchestrate the massive amount of data to perform the following: Tech Tracker saves you investments on different tools by providing you with a single platform that’s intuitive and intelligent. It also ensures that you do not miss on the important insights amidst the information that keeps expanding at a rapid pace. As a free subscriber, you can use the basic version of Tech Tracker to access and track information related to technologies and technical assets of organizations at one place and obtain insights. As a premium user you can customize the technologies and insights, and receive technical intelligence straight to your inbox at regular intervals. Try Tech Tracker for free

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