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Technology and Competitive Intelligence at your Fingertips

Aug 06, 2020

Technology trends disrupt markets. With technology advancing at a breakneck speed, staying on top of the latest trends isn’t an easy task. However, timely tracking of technology and competitive trends, and deriving insights from them create the difference between success and failure. Exploring and identifying technology trends is critical to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

A technology trend analysis can be used for,

Monitoring technological changes is fraught with challenges. The technical data is available in plenty and across sources. It is not only difficult to organize and simplify this data, but also to analyze and extract insights that can be used for decision-making.

The key to successful tracking of technology trends is to obtain a holistic and contextual picture of the technical data.

You need to filter and focus only on the trends that are relevant to your business goals. Moreover, you need to have insights into companies and technologies that could affect your business.

Monitoring macro and micro trends, identifying emerging technologies and companies, mergers and acquisition activity are certain factors to be considered for evaluation of the relevance of a trend in the present as well as in the future. You also need a continuous and regular feed of these trends and insights in an integrated manner. Tech Tracker provides you with a consistent approach for constant trend monitoring, ensuring that you stay on top of disruptions, keep up with the ones that matter and eliminate the ones that don’t.

Tech Tracker makes exploring technology trends simpler and more accurate. The technology landscape and analysis show the trends in markets, technologies, competitors and development over a period of time. A granular analysis of a technology and its categories give a glimpse into the future trends, potential acquisition targets provide leading indicators of the changes in the technology landscape.

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