AI-powered research capabilities by Relecura

Scout emerging innovations and trends, identify risks, and determine opportunities for growth with AI-powered research capabilities.

Understand trends within a technology area and identify whitespaces for further innovation.

  • Study a technology area in detail and gain insights into emerging trends.
  • Track technology trends and plan future product development.
  • Identify opportunities for innovation.

Monitor competition and gain strategic advantage by identifying opportunities and threats.

  • Gauge the present and future activities of the competitors.
  • Understand where a specific industry is headed.

Assess IP and technology assets of potential acquisition targets and ensure a proper IP due diligence to capitalize on the M&A activity.

  • Analyse the global technology landscape to scout for suitable acquisition targets or partners.
  • Assess the portfolios of the shortlisted target companies to determine their value addition to your company portfolio.
  • Perform a comprehensive teardown and side-by-side comparison of portfolios, to determine pockets of value in portfolios.
  • Estimate the portfolio quality of the potential targets.

Build new revenue streams through your IP or take your ideas to market with the aid of our experts and partners.

  • Analyse the commercial value of your ideas and intellectual assets.
  • Evaluate technologies and markets.
  • Strategize your go-to-market plan.

Need a helping hand?

Our professional services offer training and support to minimise time-to-value in the Relecura platform and make more timely, confident IP decisions

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