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The Future of Patent Searching: Leveraging LLMs for Comprehensive Results

Sep 29, 2023

By Mamata Saha

Considering the number and volume of patent databases, it’s not surprising that the patent searching task is a cumbersome one that requires plenty of time and resources. Thanks to the emergence of Large Language Models, the field of patent search is going through a sea change and looks promising. In other words, unlike earlier instances, patent searches are now going to be much more accurate and efficient.

LLMs stand out in terms of patent searching because of their natural language processing potentiality. They can not only comprehend but also explain the context of patent documents, which isn’t something we could expect from the general keyword-based searches. Essentially, when a user enters a search query, an LLM does two things: one, it considers the words used in the query and two, it also considers a deeper level of the context in which the words are used. This, in turn, leads to more detailed and pertinent search results. Innovators and patent professionals stand to gain a lot from this development. How so? Simply put, they will be able to access patents they may have overlooked in earlier searches. As a result, the prior art search will be more in-depth, leading to a greater chance of encountering unique inventions.

Another core advantage of LLMs includes gaining insights from the user’s search history and preferences, and using the data to refine their search results over time. What’s the outcome of such an exercise? Innovators and patent professionals are able to secure customized results that are in sync with their requirements. As technology advances, so will LLMs and their training data, leading to more accurate patent searches. This will enhance the effectiveness of the process to unparalleled levels.

Because of the extensive and accurate results shared by LLMs, these advanced AI models are helping innovators and patent professionals save time, resources, and money. With time, LLMs will also continue to develop at an enviable pace causing patent search to transition to more of a strategic advantage in the realm of innovation and intellectual property protection, than a regular practice.

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