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The Intriguing Global Innovation Journey of 2022- Published patents

Jan 04, 2023

The year that passes us by holds more significance than the year ahead because it’s filled with significant incidents that impact us. Likewise, 2022 was an important year for many reasons, one of which relates to critical data concerning IP and innovation. 

For instance, have you ever wondered about the number of patent documents published in countries around the world in 2022? Relecura’s core patent search and analysis tool, the Enterprise Web Tool, has generated a pie graph pertaining to the countries and the patent documents published in each. As evident in the graph, China has taken up the lion’s share with over four million documents published in 2022! Although USA and Japan are next in line, there's a substantial difference in the number of published documents when compared with China.  While 'Others' comprise a good number, we shouldn't disregard the contributions of all the countries and patent authorities involved, such as Korea, India, Germany, Taiwan, and patent authorities like the WO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and EP (European Patent Office).

Take a look at the image to get a clearer idea of the information we've shared here.

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