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We Offer Custom AI-Powered Tools

Relecura’s all-in-one suite addresses the needs through customized AI tools that could be perfectly programmed to suit your end-to-end requirements in the innovation space.

Capable of Wide Spectrum Data Management

Our AI/ML capabilities could be adapted to serve non-IP domains as well.

Latest Automation technology makes it user friendly

No technical expertise is needed to operate the tools and derive meaningful insights as AI does the entire job.

Catalyze and streamline the innovation cycle, accommodating the future customer demands, and translate innovation into a real business, preempting the risk actors.

Unique After-Sales Service

 Relecura has an extremely competent after-sales service team, available for support, guidance, and troubleshooting right from the beginning.


Flexible User-Oriented Options

With the help of our all-in-one suite, you choose what you require and pay for what you choose. We offer complete flexibility to make you successful.

Weed Out Manual Errors

Replace manual errors with error-free outcomes. Optimize the results by fine-tuning the basic operations pertaining to R&D centers, M&A procedures, IP & competitive intelligence, business & market decisions, and corporate policy decisions.

Take advantage of the industry’s first and most advanced taxonomy feature and the dynamically updated database that many global industry leaders subscribe to.

Advantages of Relecura

Patented Machine Learning & AI Technology

Our patented machine learning and AI-powered technology enables users to seamlessly comb through, connect, and analyze billions of cross-industry innovation and IP data points in a fraction of the time.


Built for innovators by innovators, our modern interface is intuitive and easy-to-use regardless of IP skill level. Relecura simplifies the research process and makes it easier to turn insights into actionable intelligence.

Unrivaled Breadth of Data

With billions of global datapoints co-located within the same product eco-system, our customers have a two-fold advantage over competitors — they spend less on innovation tools while increasing data insights.

Collaborative Result

Teams can collaborate to ensure common goals and best results.

Innovate with Speed and Efficiency

With Relecura's AI capabilities, reduce manual errors and increase the overall efficiency and accuracy.

Innovate for Future Customer Demands

With Relecura, be up-to-date with the latest trends and emerging technologies to accommodate customer demands and attain a competitive edge.

We partner with the world’s best innovators

Connect with our Specialists

Our professional services offer training and support to minimise time-to-value on the Relecura platform and make more timely, confident IP decisions